The United Kingdom of England and Wales, 2029. The government is fighting to control a country gripped by terrorism and economic decline. London and other major cities have become heavily militarized zones where citizens’ rights are heavily curtailed.

Devi Sharma, with no prospect of employment despite recently graduating from university, has returned to living with her parents in south London, when she is handed an escape route in the form of an invitation to join a mysterious, illegal colony. But is there more to the apparent utopia than meets the eye?

The Comforted

The Comforted is a tragedy set in the south of England in 2016, between the EU referendum in June and the US election in November.

Frank Greenaway is a dour government press officer, who thinks his life has hit rock bottom when his wife is killed after driving her car into a tree. But his relationship with a teenage girl, and a government leak inquiry, mean that his troubles are just beginning.

Shelf Space

Shelf Space is a novel set in 1977 New York and told from the perspective of reclusive librarian and aspiring writer Victor Quince.

When preparing to launch his first novel, Victor is dismayed to learn of the number of other authors with Q surnames who will be competing with him on the shelves of bookstores.

Determined to succeed at all costs, Victor launches an extraordinary and dangerous plot to remove the competition. In alphabetical order, of course.

The Shores

The Shores is the first of a trilogy set in the fictional beach town of Canterbury, MA.

High school senior Jimmy Twelvetrees wants nothing more than to graduate, and to win the heart of fellow senior and diner waitress, Alice Crabtree.

When he learns of a violent plot directed at Canterbury, Jimmy recruits a group of his high school friends, including Alice, to uncover the plot, before it’s too late.

The Shores will be followed by The Equals and The Fugitives.

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