Short stories

On Discovering My Poetry Causes Hysteria appears in Volume 2 of the Fiction Kitchen Berlin journal (November 2021): It was originally published in the online magazine in January 2021:

This Is The Room Where We Tell Stories About The Future is published at Twist in Time (Issue 10, October 2020)

The Golden Hour is published at Turnpike Magazine (Issue No. 8, November 2019).

Tomorrow, A Physicist Sat On Your Sofa is published at Twist In Time Literary Magazine (Issue 3, May 2019).

On the Crest of a Wave is published at the North London Story Festival (March 2018).

Surrounded is published at Literally Stories (March 2016).

Two Yous placed 4th in the Beyond Writer story contest and is published at Short Fiction Break (April 2015).

I Was A Zen Hitman is published at Fiction On The Web (February 2015).

An Agent Calls is published at Beyond Imagination Literary Magazine.

There’s A Leopard In The Garage is published in Down In The Dirt magazine (July/August 2015 edition).  You can also find it in the online archive, under P for Payne.